Funktionale Verifikation

  • Professional Infrastructure – Secure Chamber Concept
  • Continuous Expertize and Knowledge Expansion
  • Mentor Graphics® Questa™ Vanguard Program Member
  • Atrenta® SpyLinks™ Industry Alliance Program Member
  • Easier Assignment and proven Project Management
  • Consistency in verification IP and teams
  • Frobas® Team Approach Advantages
  • Increased Team Efficiency and Productivity
  • Frobas® Project Management Process
  • Expected deliverables with minimal project risks
  • Vendor neutral setup – experts for experts
  • Focus on RTL design and Functional Verification
  • SystemVerilog, VHDL, Verilog
  • UVM, OVM
  • Power aware Design and Verification with UPF
  • Verification Management (UCIS)
  • IP Design and Verification
  • CDC Verification
  • FPGA Design and Prototyping

Das optimale Team für Ihr Projekt


  • RTL Design
  • Funktionale Verifikation
  • Nahtlose Integration des Frobas-Verifikation-Teams im Umfeld des Kunden
  • Projektergebnisse – immer pünktlich geliefert

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